With the coming of the Digital Age, Video Monitoring moves to the next level. Indeed, digital video surveillance cameras go beyond analog technology on every count.

The advantages of digital recording are countless:
  • No need to manipulate video tapes anymore. Unlike analog Video Monitoring systems, digital recording does not require any daily manipulation;
  • Image quality is greatly enhanced with digital video technology compared to traditional surveillance cameras;
  • With digital recording, the viewing and copying process does not in any way deteriorate image quality;
  • Searching is also much easier, thanks notably to pixel-based search technology, capable of detecting movement in a specific image section;
  • Digital Video Monitoring Systems' TCP/IP function enables access to recordings from a distance and real-time visual display;
  • With digital video technology, it is also possible to link the surveillance cameras to your safety system, enabling archiving of the specific video-clips that brought on the alarm. The link-up to ASC Security's Remote Monitoring Centre enables the instant transfer of those video-clips so that our operators may assess the situation and act accordingly;
  • The design and installation of a Video Monitoring System can also make you save substantial amounts on your annual insurance costs.

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