Aside from protecting from disaster and trespassing, did you know that Remote Monitoring equally ensures a better control of entrances and exits within companies? Indeed, this happens to be a rather unknown aspect of commercial Remote Monitoring but an oh so useful one for companies!

More than just a simple access-control system, we are talking about 24/7 monitoring of all comings and goings by a Remote Monitoring Centre capable of intervening if required. Your company thus enjoys greater latitude without neglecting safety. Indeed, many types of procedures may be set up to ensure that interventions are really tailored to your company's situation.

Here are a few examples of potential scenarios where Remote Monitoring of entrances and exits may be useful to your company:
  • Depending on received instructions, we could, for example, warn you by e-mail when an employee enters your business outside regular work hours. A common procedure in this type of situation consists of having the employee phone the Remote Monitoring Centre to identify (him/herself) and state how long they'll be on site.
  • In the event that your premises were not opened / closed at the previewed time, we could also undertake verification procedures.
  • You worry that an employee might steal work hours? The Remote Monitoring Centre can, at your request, create reports on the comings and goings of each employee.

Truly, Remote Monitoring brings protection to the next level. More than just a simple safety system, Remote Monitoring enables intelligent protection that adjusts to your needs. It's true for controlling entrances and exits. It's also true for protection against theft, fires and other disasters. Peace of mind and flexibility. That's what you'll get with Remote Monitoring.

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