Whether we are fans of thrills or rather the quiet type, we all need to feel safe. To feel sheltered, untouchable, be it just a moment, to breathe freely, sleep soundly or take a break from the euphoria typical of the 21st century.

No wonder Maslow put it on the second level of his pyramid, right after physiological needs like eating and breathing.

With our overexposure to daily dramas happening sometimes at the other end of the world, sometimes over at the neighbour's, this safety need becomes more and more pressing.

We all perform different little activities in our daily lives:
  • Locking the vehicle's doors;
  • Closing the house's windows before leaving;
  • Locking all the doors of our home;
  • Putting a password on our computer, our phone, our e-mails;
  • Changing our PIN on our banking cards;
  • Changing the smoke detector's battery;
  • Etc.

Little things tied into our daily lives that protect us from the unforeseen and from certain ill-intentioned people. Installing an alarm system in our home is another common way of catering to this safety need.  We are protecting one of our life's most important purchases, we are protecting what's inside but most importantly, we are protecting our family.

What are you doing for your safety?

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