These days, there are less and less businesses relying on the traditional lock and key arrangement for controlling the access to their premises. Indeed, this system is simply not adapted to today's reality anymore. Nowadays, businesses look towards much more sophisticated, reliable and secure Access-Control Systems.

So here are 10 reasons why you should trade in your keys for an Access-Control System at technology's cutting-edge.

  1. If good old keys can be duplicated without your knowledge, modern Access-Control Systems, on the other hand, require much more secure identifiers (proximity cards, SmartCards, biometrics, etc.);
  2. Your company's security is in question as soon as an employee leaves without returning the keys or that keys are missing, unless you proceed with changing the locks. A magnetic card Access-Control System, for example, would allow you to avoid these costly interventions by simply deactivating the missing cards;
  3. Access-Control Systems can restrict access to your premises depending on the time of day, which is impossible to do when using good old keys. Thus, an access card could be set to function during opening hours only;
  4. Access-Control Systems enable more efficient managing of multiple-access areas. For example, you could configure your system to allow access to a particular area only if two or more eligible employees are simultaneously present with their respective cards;
  5. Many Access-Control Systems available on the market can generate detailed attendance reports, enabling you to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your employees;
  6. Do you want to be informed when an employee comes to the office outside of regular hours or still, when a store opens late? An Access-Control System may be programmed to send you a text message when it detects an unusual event;
  7. Certain Access-Control Systems can be easily integrated with the other components of  your safety system such as your anti-theft or video monitoring systems;
  8. Contrary to popular belief, Access-Control Systems are very affordable. And with a clearly better safety level, it's an investment largely worthwhile;
  9. Amongst the large range of Access-Control Systems available on the market, you'll surely find a product that answers your company's specific needs;
  10. Most Access-Control Systems were designed to adapt to your needs as they evolve, thus protecting your initial investment.

Therefore, besides offering a higher level of safety, Access-Control Systems provide an array of advanced functionalities enabling you to save on costs and better manage your business.

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