Imagine for a minute being able to control, from your iPhone or computer, the lights, the music, the safety system and even the temperature of your home. It's now possible thanks to Home Automation. Home Automation is defined as the grouping of procedures and technologies that enable you to control, monitor and program all the functions of your home. The possibilities that Home Automation offers are limitless.

Home Automation is really made for you.

You don't believe it?See how Home Automation can intertwine with your daily activities:
  1. Comfortably seated on your couch and using your iPhone, you scan your media library, possibly storing many thousands of files, looking for a good movie. Then, with a few clicks, you turn off the lights in the living room, lock the front door and put the safety system on “At Home” mode before loading the movie. All of this by lifting one little finger...
  2. You are at work and the evening is upon you. Suddenly, a text message lets you know that your children have entered the house. Reassured, you get back to your work, your mind at ease.
  3. You go on holidays for a week. When leaving the house, you make sure you connect to your Home Automation system to call up your Vacation parameters. Thus, your heating system is lowered while you're away so you may save, the safety system is automatically armed and the doors lock themselves. The house's lights turn on and then turn off according to a pre-established scenario, in this way simulating your presence.
  4. You've just received a text message alerting you that a movement detector has gone off. Without waiting, you take a look at your surveillance cameras using your cellular phone. Nothing to worry about, it's only the dog. You immediately advise the remote monitoring centre, by entering your password, that it's a false alarm.

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