This note is about the NetworX, a high-performance alarm system offering, according to many safety experts, an as yet unequalled flexibility within the residential and commercial safety industry.

Mr. Francis Paré, president and founder of ASC Security, talks with much enthusiasm about this multi-functional alarm system designed by GE's Security Division:

 “We have here an alarm system that, in my opinion, is unique. Whatever you want to do, this system can do it.”

A simple overview of its functionalities allows us to realize that the possibilities of this alarm system are nearly limitless:
  • The capability of integrating 12 to 192 alarm zones;
  • The capability of adding wired or wireless zones;
  • The system supports up to 8 sectors or regions, each one having its own code, exit/entrance delay and other specifics;
  • The capability of adding access control;
  • Enables integration of home automation;
  • Up to 99 distinct users;
  • The capability of integrating a touch screen;
  • Enables firmware updates.

No other alarm system on the market offers so much.

So, for a client looking for an alarm system that will remain up-to-date over the years, whatever the growth of his/her needs, the NetworX is a sure thing. Differentiating itself from conventional alarm systems, the NetworX was designed with expansion in mind. Thus, it can evolve according to your needs, allowing you to retain your initial investment.

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