Recognized leader in the area of residential and commercial safety, GE Security innovates once again with Simon XT. This completely wireless alarm system will adapt to your lifestyle.

Whether you left too quickly or whether you arm it after the kids leave for school, you can control your house's safety system wherever you are. Thanks to access control at a distance, you can arm and disarm your alarm system from your computer or cellular phone.

Besides offering you all the functionalities of a traditional alarm system, Simon XT offers you many possibilities:

  • Add up to 40 protection areas;
  • Lock and unlock your doors at a distance;
  • Access your system using a remote-control key ring (similar to the ones for cars);
  • Disarm certain contacts to be able to leave a window open when the system is armed;
  • Communicate using the loud speakers integrated in the control panel;
  • Get a warning when your system is not disarmed at the previewed time;
  • Receive the alarms directly on your  cellular;
  • Program your system according to your needs thanks to the wireless keypad;
  • Check the temperature outside using your alarm system;
  • Adjust lighting and heating before arriving home;
  • Add video surveillance cameras which you can access at a distance.

Independent of telephone lines and equipped with a battery system working up to 24 hours in case of an electrical power failure, Simon XT will become unavoidable for your peace of mind.

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