Medical alarm systems are a simple and practical solution to ensure the safety of those close at heart with less autonomy but still wanting to live at home. A good way of matching autonomy and peace of mind.

Medical alarm systems usually come with two devices: a communicator panel and a portable panic button.

The wireless or wall-mounted communicator panel ensures a connection with the central at all times. In case of difficulties, the central may communicate with you or a close relation to send appropriate help. A receiver and loud-speaker enables one to communicate with the emergency intervener without having to go to the control panel. If an answer is not received, the central gets in touch with close relatives and emergency services.

The portable emergency button, light and water-repellent, may be worn as a bracelet or pendant. This way, one ensures oneself of assistance at any time, whether it be under the shower or in the basement. The button is linked to the communicator panel. A simple push is enough to send an alarm signal. It also enables to answer a call from central even at a good distance from the communicator panel.


The device is recommended for elderly persons living alone and looking to stay self-reliant, people with a particular medical condition or those having difficulty getting around or at risk of falling.

Get in touch with your alarm system provider to get more information on medical panic buttons.

Assistance at all times for reassuring your close at heart – and to give yourself peace of mind!

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