An alarm system is made up of several components that, connected to each other, ensure your safety.

The most important are:

- detectors;

- the control panel;

- the keyboard.


There are several types of detectors to detect the presence of individuals of or physical phenomena, such as vibrations or smoke.

The basic alarm system includes a few perimeter detectors, installed at the main entrance channels. It is also accompanied by a few motion detectors positioned to cover the strategic locations of a home.

If you are concerned that someone could enter through a window, it is possible to complete your basic alarm system by installing peripheral detectors or glass break detectors with easy-to-access windows.

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are installed at strategic locations in the home.

The control panel must be hidden because the operation of the alarm system depends on it.

The keypad of the alarm system must be positioned in an accessible location. It is usually found near the main entrance door.

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