As an alarm system owner, you have the responsibility of acting in a way that avoids false alarms, annoying and costly for you and for safety interveners. False alarms are mainly caused by security system owners, 77% of the time.

A few tips for reducing false alarms:
  1. Replace the back-up battery every 4 or 5 years;
  2. Have your alarm system inspected annually;
  3. Have a cancellation procedure set up with the alarm centre;
  4. Do not aim movement detectors towards an air vent, a window, a mirror, a fireplace, etc.;
  5. Have special movement detectors installed for your pets;
  6. Let all the users know how to disarm the system;
  7. Lock all doors and windows when you leave your residence;
  8. Place the control box in a reachable area and adjust the time period for disarming.

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