Make sure that your house looks like it’s being occupied.

Before traveling, give the keys to neighbors you trust. They can turn on and off the lights and the radio, open and close the curtains, water your plants, pick up advertising leaflets, mow the lawn or remove snow, move your car or park their vehicle in your driveway.

Ask the post office to hold your mail and stop the delivery of newspapers. Inform the police department of your absence, so they can keep an eye on your home.

Inspect the house and grounds the day before your departure. Store the garden equipment, bicycles and snow blowers, and then lock the shed and also think of storing the ladder! Do not leave your picnic table, tent-trailer or firewood along a wall. Prune your trees and shrubs so people can see what is happening on your property.

Leave the car in the garage when you load your suitcases by doing so, you will avoid announcing to all passers-by that you are going on a trip.

Timers are both efficient and economical, especially multi-program timers. A timer gives your home the appearance of being inhabited, which thwarts scouts and thieves. Indeed, nothing is as effective as a light or a radio that lights up at different times of the day.

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