The following tips are simple steps that can dramatically reduce the number of false alarms you might cause using your alarm system.

  • When you leave your home and activate your alarm system, make sure that all doors and windows are locked.
  • Your alarm system warns you when your alarm system battery is low. Replace the battery every three to five years - it is advisable to inspect your system once a year.
  • All users of your alarm system should know how it works. Make sure all key holders and guests are trained on how to properly use the alarm system. Show people who do housekeeping and people doing house chores how to use your alarm system. Never give a key to someone who does not know how to use your alarm system.
  • Inform ASC Sécurity of any changes that may require modification of your alarm system (eg pet ownership, work on your telephone line, moving furniture, adding a new user).
  • Keep your "call list" up to date by entering your current phone number and those of your contacts. Keeping the accuracy of the contact information, the alarm center can act proactively by establishing the need to send an emergency response team to your residence.


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