When the push-button is pressed, a signal is send to our first response center.

It processes the information sent by the signal and transmits your call to our emergency medical services.

A person living alone requires rapid assistance in case of an emergency.  The system brings a real peace of mind. Quality intervention is critical in a medical emergency, so it is important that every person at risk has access to it.

ASC Security offers a reliable device entirely devoted to helping people with low autonomy.  Please note that we offer this service without a contract.





The device consists of two parts: a wall control panel and a hand-held help button. The control panel is connected to the help center, and the trigger button (wristband, collar or pin) is used to launch the alert.

Any use of the alarm button is treated as a medical emergency by our team of emergency responders. The goal is to gain valuable minutes by forwarding information and personnel to help you.

Our emergency center will send you a medical team but will also notify your relatives.

The emergency system is based on a combination of reliable technology and a high-caliber team of dedicated professionals. In addition to offering you assistance upon request, we provide you a peace of mind in knowing that help is always a press of a button away.



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