The surveillance by cameras allows you to increase the security of your business and its employees. In fact, video surveillance system allows the recording of images, with surveillance cameras. for subsequent consultations. Installed in appropriate locations the surveillance cameras will allow you to register great quality images that can be easily retrieved, analyzed and if required, be used as proof documents for authorities.

Video-numeric surveillance cameras from ASC Sécurité easily surpass the analog technology. The quality of image is greatly increased with the video-numeric technology. The process of copying and watching doesn't damage in any way the quality of image. The search is also easier, especially with the technology based on pixel, able to detect the movement in a precise section of the image. The function TCP/IP of video surveillance system allows the access to distance of recording and watching in real time. It is also possible, with the video numeric technology, to rely your security system to the video surveillance system, allowing the archiving of specific video to the alarm launching. The connection to the monitoring central of ASC Securité allows the instant relay of those video clips in order for our operators to evaluate the situation and act in consequence.

The conception and installation of a video surveillance system by ASC Sécurité can also make you realize substantial savings on your annual expenses of property insurances.

ASC Securité is able to answer all your needs with its wide range of surveillance cameras. Whether it is for surveillance inside or outside, in more difficult conditions of lighning, for hidden cameras, or programmed sweeping, or to cover any other need, our advisers will be able to offer you the camera that will meet your specific requirements. We will also be able to suggest the numeric recorder capable to register the images captured by your cameras, in order to fit your present and future needs in recording and watching capability. The DVR allows you to vizualize in local mode as well as remote mode via high speed internet. 



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