Alarme ASC Security offers you the latest generation alarm systems for uncompromising protection. Our specialists will guide you in choosing a high-performance alarm system to minimize losses of any kind in the event of fire, attempted theft or gas leakage.


ASC Security offers a variety of applications related to protection against theft and intrusion for business. Our experts will answer your security needs and will recommend various devices to design a burglar alarm system to measure. Our burglar alarm systems evolve with your business.

To meet new needs by using your existing burglar alarm system or plan a new facility, we will define with you the needs and will recommend an effective solution to meet your expectations.



ASC Security ensures the smooth operation of your fire alarm system to minimize the risks. A fire alarm system adequate, functional and connected to the control panel of ASC Security allows you to continue your activities with peace of mind. No one is immune to fire. Significant losses, material, financial or human, can be caused by a deficiency of the alarm system.

You already have a fire alarm system or you plan to erect an? In both cases, CSA will advise you on safety standards in force in Quebec and to offer security solutions to the extent of your business.



In addition to offering the functionality of protection against theft and fire alarm systems can support integrated video surveillance and access control, offering protection all-in-one.



In addition to quick and easy installation, alarm systems Wireless have the advantage of offering remote login. If you forget, you can activate motion detectors at the main entrance through your phone, or via the Internet. Alarm systems wireless used to send notifications via phone, email or text message if an alarm occurs in your absence.



Your alarm system should be inspected annually to ensure its effective functioning. Let us handle the planning and monitoring your annual alarm system. A full report will be issued on the state of your system that you can pass on to your insurers

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