Access control is becoming more and more popular in organization of all sizes. The capacity to limit access to only pre-authorized people to the different departments of your business is certainly very attractive and can be done at a very affordable cost.

You want to protect your R&D department and/or your accounting department and limit the access for confidentiality purposes?  Access control is the tool. Everyone in your Company could have its access card with its pre-defined limitations of access. So, if an employee is authorized to go through the employee entry door but not the main office door, the system will authorize access only through the employee door. For each door that you want to control we will program the system to accept or deny access to each of the card owner based on its access privileges.

There are different access tools and readers that can be used for controlling access. It all depends of your needs.



Like a credit card, you slide the card in a reader (less and less in usage)



You move the card in front of a proximity reader (without any contact) to unlock the door strike. The most popular method.



Biometrical access control allows to authenticate an individual on the base of it's physiological particularities (unique to each individual) that are introduced in the system through biometrical readers. Access is given only to authenticated individuals.



Are used to limit access for a limited period of time to visitors or suppliers doing a specific work at your premises for example. They become non-usable after the date entered in the system for the user of that card. If the person forgets to return the card you don't have to bother it won't work anymore.

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