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ASC Sécurité - Connected Home

Connected Home

Improving security to keep your entire home safe and connected.

ASC Securité home alarm systems are designed to meet the needs of today's families using intuitive technologies.
For only a few dollars a day, you can add any of our personalized and scalable solutions such as remote control access to your alarm system, heating and lighting system control, and so much more.

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ASC Sécurité - Home security system

Home security system

Alarm ASC Security gives you a large range of home security systems to ensure the security of your family against fires, intrusions and gas leaks. Besides sale and installation of home security systems, we give examination and monitoring center of your home security systems

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ASC Sécurité - Wireless home security systems

Wireless home security systems

In addition to wired alarm systems, ASC Security offers a wide selection of wireless alarm systems. Wireless technology offers many advantages over wired alarm systems.

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ASC Sécurité - Alarm system monitoring

Alarm system monitoring

Connection to monitoring center ensures the appropriate response in case of fire, intruder, accident, etc.. Rest easy knowing that the control panel of ASC Security watches over your loved ones 24/24.

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Commercial and industrial

ASC Sécurité - Burglary alarm system

Burglary alarm system

ASC Security offers alarm systems and last generation for ultimate protection. Our experts will guide you in choosing an effective alarm system to minimize losses of any nature in the event of a fire, attempted theft, or a gas leak.

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ASC Sécurité - Integrated security systems

Integrated security systems

Alarm systems are integrated modular alarm systems that evolve to fit your needs. Over the years, several security features can be added to your integrated alarm system, such as video surveillance, access control, remote management, etc.. To adequately support the growth of your business, choose one of our alarm systems integrated.

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ASC Sécurité - System monitoring

System monitoring

ASC Security offers its binding to central alarm for proven and reliable protection at rates more than competitive. Choose peace of mind by connecting the alarm system for your company to our emergency center.

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ASC Sécurité - Video surveillance system

Video surveillance system

Nowadays, more and more companies are turning to surveillance cameras linked to an alarm system, whether to deter intruders, increase employee productivity, or facilitate legal action in case theft, vandalism or trespassing.

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ASC Sécurité - Card access control system

Card access control system

The key gradually leave their place of access control systems much more sophisticated, reliable and secure. In addition to offering a higher level of security, our access control systems offer an array of advanced features to save costs and help manage your business.

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ASC Sécurité - Video Analytics

Video Analytics

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ASC Sécurité - Residential alarm system for $395.00

Residential alarm system for $395.00

Protect what you hold most dear to you with an alarm system just $395.00 including installation.

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ASC Sécurité - Residential monitoring central

Residential monitoring central

We connect your existing alarm system or your future alarm system to our alarm center for only $12.95 / month. 

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Commercial and industrial
ASC Sécurité - Commercial and industrial camera promotion

Commercial and industrial camera promotion

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Commercial and industrial
ASC Sécurité - Commercial monitoring central

Commercial monitoring central

We connect your existing alarm system or your future alarm system to our alarm center for only $12.95 / month

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